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02 April 1983

I had a busy weekend. Saturday Winnie got married and she was beautiful. It was a wonderful wedding and I was so happy to be there at it. I can't say enough good things at it, I just loved the whole thing.

And today Aingeal got married. It wasn't like Winnie's at all because - well it wasn't planned but it was nice too. There were loads of people there, I don't know how there were so many people there on such a short notice. It was fun, I took a late lunch so I could go to Aingeal's.

So we'll see what else happens this week.

02 March 1983

Happy March everyone!

I hope everyone is alright. I went and saw Winnie the other night and I don't care what she says, her wedding is going to be brilliant and everything is going to go very well. I just know it, things tend to go that way for weddings. Everything falls into place and the day of your wedding is just perfect.

I hope everyone else is alright, I haven't been too busy, just work and Romilda and Amory. Matilda will be home for Easter hols soon, we'll have a full flat, it'll be brill. I don't know what Matilda is doing after her NEWTs or anything and I don't know if she will want to stay here

Aingeal looks lovely. I don't care what anyone else says She carries the baby really well, she's lucky. I just remember how fat and scared I felt.

17 January 1983

PrivateCollapse )

I hope everyone's alright.

Romilda had a great birthday and we had a great Christmas, the holidays were just really great. I'm sorry Matilda is back at school but this is her last year, so that's exciting.

Hope everyone's alright.

15 December 1982

My baby girl is one in a week and a day. We're going to have a small party for her this weekend (Sunday!) for anyone who didn't get our invitation, hopefully before everyone goes to Christmas parties. I hope everyone can come, you don't need to bring presents, but Romilda won't cry if you do. And then in ten days it's Christmas. It's Romilda's second, but she was only two days old for her first one. I just can't believe it.

Our flat is all lit up for Christmas. Matilda is coming home soon, Saturday, that's why we're having it Sunday. It's all exciting.

I love this time of year so much. I just wish we had more snow, but maybe one day next week, we'll go to Hogsmeade so I can get pictures of Romilda in the snow with the decorations.

AINGEAL, you need to come and talk to me.

07 November 1982

In six weeks Romilda will be one, which means that that's what I've started to do, is plan her first birthday party. I have to decide on a day because she's born two days before Christmas so that's a little hard. But I'm really excited for it and I just want everything to be perfect. Absolutely 100% perfect for our little girl. But that is a Friday so maybe that's the best day.

I'm so excited.

Everyone's talking about the upcoming trials and Aingeal and so that's something. Everyone has their own opinion. Personally I hope that they go away forever.

Aingeal, I hope you're doing alright. Do you know what you're going to be having yet? Or are you going to find out?

20 September 1982

Oh my gods, it's been such a busy month.

For starters, Romilda is trying to walk. She's so adorable and she can move herself along the couch, but she's not quite brave enough to try to go without holding onto something. She will though, I know soon, and then we'll be chasing her around all the time. She also is babbling loads and okay I know I'm such a mum, I'll stop now. But she's really precious.

Yesterday some of the girls at work and I went and had lunch. It was one of the new girl's birthday and Florence knows her, but Florence knows everyone, and that was nice. It's so nice that things can just be nice now. But that was fun. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like working and I like talking to everyone there, but I miss Romlida something terrible when I'm at work, but I'm glad I have such good work friends.

And of course, AINGEAL. I can't believe you didn't owl me to tell me! You have to come over and we'll talk about everything soon. And you can play with Romlida and everything.

18 August 1982

Oh my gods, I've been so busy with going back to work a little and then Romilda is just all over everything now. She's so busy. She's almost 8 months now and she's crawling and getting into every last thing. I thought everything was baby proof, but we found out it wasn't yesterday when Romlilda tugged on the table cloth and brought the dishes that were on top of the table onto the floor. No one was hurt, scared but definitely not hurt! So I think for now we're going to stop using table cloths.

Work has been good. It's been great to see everyone but I miss Romilda so much when I'm at work again and talk to adults all day. My mother watches Romlida during the day, even though Matlida is home for the summer, this is her last big hurrah before NEWTs.

Aingeal, I was sorry to hear that your boyfriend lost in the World Cup. I didn't really listen to any matches, even though I like Quidditch because I've been so busy. But I did hear about Ireland's match and I'm sorry Aingeal.

I hope everyone is alright, I want to know about how everyone is doing that I don't get to see at work or anywhere else.

21 June 1982

I had a really great birthday on the 19th. It was quiet because we have Romilda now but it was still fun, there was food and cake and I even got to bed early that night and got to sleep for four hours before Romilda was clamouring for Mummy. It was just a super great day, I'm lucky to have such good friends and such a sweet husband.

I feel like I've been off work for only a few weeks, but I guess it's been a long time. Eventually I'm going to have to go back to work and my mum will watch Romilda but for now we're enjoying our days together. The last time I was at work Edgar was still alive, that's going to be d

I'm glad the weather is warmer, I think after dinner tonight, Romlida and I will got for a nice long walk. I could use the exercise.

20 May 1982

TODAY is Bertha's birthday!

I hope it was a good day and got my present. It's hard to believe that we're going to be 23 this year. (And you ARE 23, I have another month!)

Other than that, we're okay here, I hope everyone else is well. Romilda is a growing girl and she keeps me on my toes.

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