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Yes there's times I've been afraid and there's no harm in that I pray.

Cause I'm more frightened everyday, someone will take the hope I have away.

Lys Vane
19 June 1959
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Lysistrata Marie Vane

1977 Hufflepuff

Greek Ambassadors Offce

Giggly. Blonde (no really.) Nee Jorkins. Married to Amory Vane and very happily so if you ask her. Cousin to Bertha Jorkins. Still misses Nico when she lets herself think about it. Extremely extroverted. A good cook a bit of a neat freak.

being a girl, being loud, bertha brown, charms, fiona basil, greece, having money, hufflepuff, ice cream, international magic cooperation, katie lovegood, katie not being dead, marlene mckinnon, missing katie, missing nico, mothering solon, muggle london, muggle shopping with marlene, nailpolish, nice english blokes, nico jorkins, nico not being dead, not being called stupid, not being lonely, not lille smith, not really trevor bulstrode, not slytherins, not the italian ambassador, owning lots of handbags, owning lots of shoes, people not being dead, pumpkin and raspberry sundaes, renata basil, shopping, slytherins going away, solon jorkins, talking to winnie, winnie being alive, winnie turpin, yasmine fawcett